Urine Collecting tank 50L Separett

Urine Opvang tank 50L;
De urine uit het droogtoilet, wordt direct in het toilet al gescheiden. Net zoals in ons lichaam, beide stromen strikt gescheiden zijn, is dat bij Separett ook.



Urine collection tank 50 l; Separett
The urine out of the dry toilet, is directly in the toilet all separated. Just as in our body, both streams are strictly separated, is that when Separett also. Urine is a relatively clean product, without pathogens (!), only rich in nitrogens (good for plant growth) and evt. medications if one used. The urine may be disposed of on separate, there are 3 possibilities;

connecting the bottom of the sink drain, the small amount of urine ca. 50-100 ml dilute with 3-10 l water directly from the hand washing!
the urine can also be drained and outside, in the ground, in a gravel nest are geinfiltreerd. Please note, it is rich in nitrogen so the plantegrowth on location will be strong!
This solution, apart in this absorbing tons, partly buried in the ground outside (cover and measurement gauge stay above). There is a 10 m garden hose to it and you can the other part just having a normal garden hose connection on a crane.


If you then open the water tap, the water automatically on 8 l water – 1 l urine, in dilution. that can then be safely and well distributed between the plants or even over the grass. Everything that grows there will be even more of grow and prosper!!
A beautiful ready-made solution to the nutrients to use, if you will.


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