Sediment water filter cartridge 10 inch, 25 micron



Sediment water filter cartridge 10 inch, 25 micron

(Drinking) water filter suitable for manual, source and rain water. Applied when high flow capacity required and Big Blue filter housing is made to the water supply system work.

Intended for the first filtration at severe visual pollution. For a better water quality and protection of the pre and final filtration in the form of the active carbon filter and/or osmosis membrane is a second sediment filter in the size 10 or 5 microns is necessary.

When using this pattern in the 25 micron filter for filtration of a UV-c water purification system, is a 5 micron sediment sequel (2nd sediment) filtration even necessary. Prior to the active carbon filtration.

Remove visible contaminants as, sand, rust, mud, pollen and dust.

Made of 100% polypropylene microfibres in a thermal process to which layers are processed without adding other substances or materials.

Filter material leaves no residues free.

Depth filtration: density is built from the outside to the core of the pattern. Filter cartridge has a larger recording capacity and thus longer life.


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