Micro filtratie systeem Basic



Micro filtration system Basic

Provides you with lime-free water for garden, car washing, cleaning and toilet rinses.

Pre and final filtration system for after the regenwaterton or storage vessel. Filters the rain water of suspended pollute like grit, sand and pollen. Adsorbs many dissolved substances such as benzenes, halogens and non-polar organic compounds. At the same time improves the color and smell of the rain water.

Consisting of:

90 micron backwash filter; as first filtration. The STAINLESS STEEL 90 micron fine filternet keeps the coarser pollution to small dust particles such as sand, rust, pollen and other suspended solids. Filter cartridge is easy to clean by rinsing the filter back. In normal use replacement is not necessary.
25 micron sediment filter; depth filter cartridge with high picking up power. Retrieves the smaller contaminants out of the water.
10 micron activated carbon filter; activated charcoal is carbon that is treated in such a way that it obtains an immense large internal surface; from 500 up to 1500 m2 per gram! Activated charcoal is able to very many different (potentially malicious) remove substances from water.


This filterset is ideal for filtration systems
Unique integrated 3-in-1 filter behuizingkop and wall mount making sturdier construction and m [detail_kop] mount akkelijker
Supplied complete with filter cartridges, filter, key rings and screws
Backwash filter cartridge of 90 micron stainless steel with fine openings
Surface cleaning by filtering on a bed of activated carbon. Removes chlorine (taste and odor), pesticides and related substances
Connection 3/4 “standard internal thread size: brass
Capacity/flow rate (at 2 bar pressure): ca. 4.5 m³/h.

Life span of the filter cartridges depends on the degree of contamination of the rain water and the dirt which developed in the regenwaterton. Filter cartridges are saturated when there a remarkable pressure and yield loss occurs.

Rewind operation

OPM. the rewind function of the first filter cartridge works only with a minimum inlet pressure of 1.8 bar inlet water. By the tap under the filter housing open to run a vacuum in the housing created.

The pattern is thereby pushed down in the spring and the water transmission in the housing is therefore reversed and the filter cartridge clean rinsed.

After closing the tap is the pattern by the spring weather pushed up and the water will flow again through the normal filter transit and filtered water.


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