Micro filtration system Basic Plus Ceramic + UV filter



Micro filtration system Basic Plus Ceramic + UV filter
Makes rain water suitable for human consumption. Free of germs.

The UV technology is a proven, natural way for defusing the common bacteria and viruses in the rain water. This technique is applied in virtually all drinkwaterproductie companies.

Drinking water purification without adding chemicals. All natural.



The system comes complete includes:

  • coarse sediment backwash filter
  • 5 inch, 5 micron sediment filter in transparent filter housing for Visual control on saturation sediment filter cartridge
  • 5 inch, activated carbon block filter cartridge
  • UV-c reactor with lamp and quartzbuis on 220 V
  • ballast unit
  • inline 2″ activated carbon filter
  • drinking water faucet
  • 2 m outlet-hose, 3/8″ hose size
  • filter wrench
  • wall/brackets
  • system mounted on thick STAINLESS STEEL mounting plate
  • 3/4″ connection size bsp.

Capacity: 6 l/min (more than half a bucket per minute).

Filter steps:

  1. 90 micron backwash filter; as first filtration. The STAINLESS STEEL 90 micron fine filternet keeps the coarser pollution to small dust particles such as sand, rust, pollen and other suspended solids. Filter cartridge is easy to clean by rinsing the filter back. In normal use replacement is not necessary.
  2. 5 micron sediment filter; depth filter cartridge with high picking up power. Retrieves the smaller contaminants out of the water. Necessary to avoid bacteria contamination can hide behind floating against the UV-c rays.
  3. 10 micron activated carbon filter; activated charcoal is carbon that is treated in such a way that it obtains an immense large internal surface; from 500 up to 1500 m2 per gram! Activated charcoal is able to very many different (potentially malicious) remove substances from water.
  4. UV-c light source, in STAINLESS STEEL enclosure; UV-c rays kill 99.999% of the completely natural way on bacteria, viruses and parasites in the water.
  5. 2″ inline activated carbon pre and final filtration, for improvement of smell and taste of the water. Turns your rain water potable water consumption.


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