Ecosave Solar Sets TINY HOUSE 2190Wp 1650 to 6 panels ACTION package



Ecosave Solar Sets TINY HOUSE
This action package consisting of: 6 Polycriystalline 1650Wp solar panels, with roof mounting material and special MC4 connection plugs and cable between the solar panel and inverter.
It depends on whether with is connected to the 230V net, then there is still a small inverter. If one is not on the net connected, one must have a battery charger and a converter that can convert the stored power to 230V., not included, but available.
12-year Product warranty and 25 years 85% performance guarantee

The TOP Package
2190 Wp consists of 6 Hybrid 360Wp monochrystallijne panels with the highest ability, these works still well under gray weather.
Well oriented, South with a reasonable ramp min. 15graden they can still produce 1900 kWh per year, on average! Incl. mounting hardware and cabling and plugs v.a. €2,965,-excl.
12 years product warranty and 30 (!) years 90% performance guarantee!


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