DRYTOILET Separett Villa 9020

9020 the Separett VILLA

This Villa has the toilet bucket not in the toilet but below it! In a manner of speaking in the basement, a 50 l dry bucket that captures everything and then 1-2 x per year needs to be emptied, at vacation use! Also urine separating.



The toilet format and implementation is exactly the same as the luxury Villa, with a closing hatch in the toilet BUT a larger bucket UNDER de floor , with a black pipe connection in which everything down slides.
Because the bucket is much bigger, 50L, YOu only have to change it less, with a family only once in 1,5-2 months, or with 2 persons once in 3-4 months ! And ofcourse it can be used by many more people.

For the rest the same way the valve is protected with 2 clips, has a 12V fan in 2 positions.
The urine separation is here still apply and may just be separated and used. Or through the sink drain.
Placement in the Toilet room or bathroom is a piece of cake.
If the load in the floor is created, then the toilet there a snap on and with the corresponding plug on power, directly in front of a pleasant ventilation.
The big bucket down under pipe places and hop, the toilet can be used! Is fantastic!


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