Drytoilet cabin/weekend granite

This drytoilet cabin/weekend granite

is urine-separating. Works without water, without chemicals, is odorless and fresh thanks to its own built-in fan. 1 year FREE bio bags with the purchase of a Cabin dry toilet!

Demo movie: drytoilet Cabin / Weekend granite

This is a relatively high toilet, almost 10cm higher than a normal toilet.
Dimensions H53.2 cm W45cm L 51cm




This Drytoilet cabin/weekend granite doesn’t seperate urine. It works without water. It smells fresh and requires little maintenance. It comes with two buckets of 35 liters each. The buckets and bags can be swapped easily, take the old digestible bag out and put the new bag in. You don’t need to empty it very often, but that depends on the number of users. The main advantage of having buckets that can be easily swapped: There are no chemicals or water tanks required whatsoever.

Just like the famous toilet, the Portable Toilet has a steady base, so it won’t fall over easily.

Dimensions are: L50xW46xH52 cm

The toilet comes with 2 buckets and 1 lid.

3 years warranty are included

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granite, white


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