These dry/waterless urinals are ideal for toilets with a high number of visitors. They have a patented closing mechanism that ensures that there are no nasty odors from the pipe.

Made of porcelain.

H x D x W = 40 cm x 69 cm x 43 cm

The urinals are supplied with installation kit.

Mark and drill four 8 mm holes at the desired height
Insert the plugs.
Install the metal fixing brackets using screws.
Make sure the CL100-hook on the urinal and fits tight.
PVC pipe piece to put it on the bottom of the CL100 stuck through the metal band.
Put the rubber nozzle to the drain pipe coming out of the wall.
Hang the urinal on to the mounting bracket.
Pour water into the urinal to check for leaks
The usual height of the urinal rim is 60-65 cm.
This can be changed depending on preference.


The urinal can be cleaned as a normal toilet/urinal.
Do not use hot water.
Only in combination with a compost tank
use organic detergent. Never use bleach or
detergents which turned out, this may be the composeerproces stop.


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