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Cindi Basic Separett

Cindi Basic

The Cindi Basic Separett toilet heats the contents to 500-600 degrees Celsius, which turns all faeces to ashes and evaporates urine moisture. Absolutely clean and modern

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The luxe drytoilet villa 9010

Villa 9010

This luxe drytoilet villa 9010 is a modern, waterless, urine-separating system with a very efficient fan that the toilet, free of odors and humidity.

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Rescue 25 Ecosave

Rescue 25

Have you ever been in distress on the road, without a toilet nearby? Then the Rescue 25 dry toilet is the solution, a sturdy folding chair

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Cabin weekend Ecosave


This movable, portable dry toilet Sanitoa in white or in granite. No chemicals, no water, no sewage required.

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DRY TOILETS,  EUROPEAN made, odourless ! EASY INSTALL and  with 5 YEARS Warranty ! 

In Europe we use these toilets already for more than 40 years (!) in our homes, holidayhouses, etc.

Made from high quality, in Europe, it gives you a comfortable toilet, without water, without chemicals. Only air sucked into the toilet, dries the content and takes away all smell. It is a refreshing experience.

With a family household, you change once a month (!) the dry content, what can be composted in a special bin. With 2 persons problably once in 2 months you have to change the dry content.

Dry toilets will save you a lot of water, no collecting needed anymore for flushing, no sewer system needed anymore. Just take out the old one and put your DRY SEPARETT TOILET in place and use it with delight and NO smell.*

*when installed well ofcourse.

Why Ecosave-Drytoilets?

In 1991 we founded our company in Europe and are specialised in these toilets and watersaving divises.

We would like to help Israël with these clean and watersaving sanitation and watersaving  systems.

We have Drytoilets in all sizes and prices, and also donate every 10th toilet to a foundation who will provide the Israël community.

Drought is a problem but with our products it will not effect your live style, we live in our own house for 28 years now and only use 25L per person per day, very comfortable.

From the blessing we receive in Sun = solarenergy, warmth and Rain=water, we are provided sufficiently for what we need. We can use it well and by doing so we are good stewardship to give this planet through to our children.

In God we trust!


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